Innfarn Yoo, Ph.D.

Sr. Software Engineer, NVIDIA Corporation, Santa Clara, CA

My Curriculum Vitae (CV), and Portfolio.

A little excuse of skill level in my CV.

Developed an Open-Source Node.JS plugin, semantic similarity calculator,
under MIT license term (as a part-time entertainment)

Semantic Similarity Calculator

Working in NVIDIA as a Sr. Software Engineer since Sep, 2015

Published journal and conference papers.

Received Ph.D. in COT at Purdue University in 2015.

Received MS in CGT at Purdue University in 2012.

Received BS in Math at Konkuk University (South Korea).

Worked at two game companies in between 2002 ~ 2003 and 2006 ~ 2009.

Participated on three game titles in PC and mobile platforms.

Started programming since 2001 (mostly C/C++).