Path Tracing Renderer using Multicore CPUs (2011)


The goal was making fast photo-realistic renderer that could use all CPU cores (100% of CPU consumption), so that maximized the rendering speed. Except xml library (tinyxml), no additional library was used in this project, and all codes were developed by me under Dr. Bedrich Benes's advises. Several materials (e.g., ideal refraction, ideal reflection, diffuse, and others) were also supported using analytic Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) and Bidirectional Translucent Distribution Function (BTDF). In addition, texture mapping was also available in this program. Color bleeding, smooth shadows, and caustics can be seen in the results.


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Simulated light particles: 50 times
Simulated light particles: 150 times
Simulated light particles: 500 times
Simulated light particles: 1000times

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